Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Moving!

Since I have the family blog up - and tend to post a lot about Paige there, I will be shutting down this blog and moving over to:

I hope you will visit us there!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Stop Takling!

Last week I took Paige to our local corner store to get a loaf of bread. Nothing more, nothing less. I explained this to her in the car in the most rational way possible that I knew would sink in the quickest as the store is right across the street from her school, I didn't want to play the "But why?" game.

I simply told her Mommy didn't bring enough money for treats and she had pleanty of them at home for after lunch.

We went in, got our bread and went to the check out. When the man behind the counter asked if this was all. (I hate that question, of course it is....what am I going to say? "Oh no and that wad f cash in the register please?" It's not like they are a gas station!)

Before I could answer him, Paige hops up on her tip toes and looks at him saying "My mom doesn't have any money, so thats all we can get!"


The worst part, it was partially true. I NEVER have cash and they don't take cash cards on orders under $8 because of the fees. I paid the guy in quarters.....

I need to watch what I say to her.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So Serious.

One thing I love about this age, is their level of seriousness when telling you something they believe to be the biggest revelation of all time.

These tid-bits tend to make absolutly no sense what-so-ever and leave you feeling rather stupid you don't have something to say back.

Out witted by the 4 year old again, drat!

Take for instance the car ride home from school today, Paige looks at me ( I was looking at her in the mirror...don't worry I'm not a psycho driver) and says with the straightest face and most serious of tones.

"Some people you know in this world are in this world"

What do you say back to that!? I nodded and said "uh-huuuuh"

And then she went into a story about how she got a new pencil today.

Utter and total randomness. If I act like that I get locked in a mental ward. Oh to be young again.

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's A Toddler Tragedy

In Pre-School the most coveted thing isn't a toy, or a special seat on the carpet...a ball even on the play ground. Oh no. It is something much much more special - it's being Snack Helper and Line Leader. Something that happens on the one day a month you bring your choice of healthy snack to share with the class.

Tomorrow is Paige's day, her second time since school started.

Only one small issue with tomorrow being her day. She's been in bed sick with a high fever since she got home from school and won't be able to attend.

My poor sweet little girl was so upset she tried to convince me over and over that she was fine, in between shivering from the cold sweats and coughing. She cried for 45 minutes about not being able to be be Snack Helper and Line Leader.

I made a call to her school to let them know she wouldn't be there and make sure they still didn't need me to bring her snack in, as they rely on the parents to provide it. The office lady assured me they would try to swap days around for the Line Leader thing, and I seriously hope they do or Paige might never want to continue going to Catholic school and She will have lost all faith!

I'll believe they will swap it around when I see it. Last time I asked when Paige was going to be Kid of The Week, because Paige was wondering....I got talked to and looked at like I needed to have my kid in the spotlight....ugh. You know, one of those parents! Which I'm not like one bit!

Well I'm off to tend to a sick child...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter of The Day

Every Tuesday at Paige's school they do Letter of the Day, where each kid brings something that starts with the specific letter. They started with A, and are going through the whole alphabet.

It's a little like show and tell, because they kid has to get up and tell the class about what it is, this is a new concept to Paige. The only group she is used to talking in front of is her parents and grand parents. I was happy that the first week went by ok, although I think she basically stood up and said "alligator" and sat back down.

Hopefully tomorrow, which is Letter 'C' Day, will go by a little better. She is planning to bring a car, a purple Barbie car to be exact. It's not totally original and I'm sure that other kids will bring a car as well, which will make her a little upset. I'm still trying to suggest some great other item in the house as cool as the purple Barbie car, but that little girl is stubborn and whats what she wants, and like me usually gets it. *smile

Friday, September 26, 2008

Vote For Paige!

I won't claim to be totally informed on politics, I know probably as much as an average American but with the election coming up and it being literally a momentous occasion no matter who wins just based on those running.

Today I sparked some presidential interest in my daughter when I picked her up from school, I was wearing a large pair of sunglasses that belonged to my sister, and when I caught my reflection in the window of the car I laughed because having them on made me feel a little like Jackie O.

Paige asked who that was and I told her how she was married to a President, but that he was no longer in office.

She asked why. Sparing her the details of what really happened, I simply let her know that Presidents are only allowed to be in office for 4 years before we all get to vote again.

Quick as a whip, knowing little to nothing about presidents at all she asked,

"Can girls be President?"

I said "Of course, and I bet we'll see one in your lifetime!"

to which she said "Good, I really hope it's Auntie Megan"

I love her, she's so quick witted and lives in a fantastic world that we could only dream of knowing!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Okay, I'm not sure if I'm losing my hearing or of Paige is really just becoming harder to understand. I have found myself, over the past few days having to say "What?" to her about 6 times before I actually figure out what she is saying.

I'm listening, I swear I am, but everything is starting to become this new version of English that I was never taught. Maybe you're familiar with it, it's where you mash every word from a sentence to become one really big word. On top of the word mashing she's also decided that important information no longer needs to be conveyed in the sentence and, like most woman, is expecting you to figure out just what she is talking about based on 4 or 5 common words.

For instance, on the car ride to school this morning she said to me:


Translation into English would be - "Did you come check"

WHAT!? What does that mean!?

After we played the "What did you say" game 4 times she finally said very slowly as if to make sure I understood that I was a complete moron:

"Did you come check on me last night when I was asleep?" and then looked at me like "Duh!"

How on earth am I supposed to figure that out from Didjacomecheck? Ugh. I don't see this getting any better before she's 20!